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TEXT: Acts 3:19 “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;..”

After Luke talked to us about turning around, he told us the next thing we need to do is leave our past behind. God is able to wipe our slates clean no matter what we’ve done. Actually the born-again Christian doesn’t even have a past with God, and it’s important to recognize that. And if we stumble or fail, we sure don’t need to stay down.

In fact, if you can ride a bicycle today, you learned because the first time you smacked the sidewalk you decided to try again. When you fell, you hopped back on that bike and tried again and again. That’s a lesson a lot of Christians need to learn. When you’re walking with God and you fall, God isn’t sitting up in heaven with a big stick ready to whip you saying, ‘You messed up, you are out of the family’! No. First John 1:9 is every Christian’s best friend and promise that when you ask for forgiveness, God is faithful and just to forgive you’.

Nevertheless, the devil will try to beat you over the head with past mistakes until you feel so guilty you can’t worship God. I’ve heard Christians says, “I feel so unworthy”. Well, don’t! You don’t have to feel worthy because God made you worthy. All you have to do is say, “Father, I am so sorry, Forgive me” and turnaround. No matter what’s happened in your life, don’t stay down for the count. Get up! Life deals some pretty hard blows now and then, and you may get knocked off your feet. But get back up and start walking with God and keep on walking with God into the happily ever after He has planned for you.

To walk a new or better road with God in this season, what are three things you need to leave behind?

MEDITATION: Phil.3:13-14, Eph.4:21-24

BIBLE STUDY: HEB 9:23–10:1-18/EX 9 & 10/PROV 3



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