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Tremendous Wonders

Tremendous Wonders

I want to specially glorify the Name of the Lord for victory

We had a privilege to assist a friend financially, even though we were in need at that moment, we decided to take as a seed, so we prayed and trusted God for divine provision. Few days later the news of lock down came, that again looked like a challenge, thinking about stocking the house and all that.

That certain day, I and my husband got talking, about the whole issue, i said to him, the most pressing need on my mind now is getting a deep freezer to store perishable items, and that didn't look possible at this time.

Hmmm. My Jehovah overdo dazed us right while we were still talking. My phone rang, after greeting, the next thing i heard was do you have a deep freezer? I said no, how much is it, that’s how we got our desire and a lot more extra to fill up the freezer. While we were still rejoicing, in less than 30min. A second call came in from our brother, asking for acct. Details. To support food stuff and a third support all in one day.

We have also been trusting for a property a couple of weeks ago, it came through,

God indeed has done tremendous wonders in our lives and family.

God also keeps speaking and showing us how victorious we are through divine visitation... Double for our trouble.


Loud hallelujah to the Name of Jesus

Thank you Jesus




Oka family. Benin-city.

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