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TEXT: Proverbs 14:23 “In all labor there is profit, But idle chatter leads only to poverty.”

As you climb higher and accumulate more, you’ll discover that its harder to let go of what you’ve worked for. This is the reason people climb part-way up the mountain of their potential, and We’re unwilling to give up what we have, in order to obtain the thing, and as a result we stall—sometimes permanently! Nevertheless, you must be willing to make concessions, like trading: 1) What’s acceptable for what’s excellent. People don’t pay for average. They’re not impressed by anything that’s merely acceptable. If it’s worth doing, give it your best or don’t do it at all. Solomon writes, ‘Hard work through Jesus Christ brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. If you want to shine, you’ve
got to ‘burn the midnight oil’. 2) The first half for the second half. A prolific writer in his book Halftime, says most people who are successful in the first half of their life often try to live the second half in the same way, which shouldn’t be. If you’re in the second half, you’ve probably spent much of your time paying the price for success. Don’t waste it. Move from success to significance. Do things that will live on after you are gone. Don’t just leave a will, leave a legacy. 3) Your work for God for your walk with God. No matter how much value your work has, it can’t compare to having a relationship with God. One Of the great traps of ministry is working for God, but not spending enough time with Him.
Make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Your close relationship with Christ and a partaker of His righteousness is key-this stimulates others and finally to experience Christ resurrection power in our Lives.

MEDITATION: 1 Cor 1: 30

MATT 10:26-42/LEV 9 & 10/PROV 23

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