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TEXT: 3 John 1:9 “I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to have the preeminence among them, does not receive us…..”

Not everybody is willing to think creatively, and some people resent those who do. The apostle John said: ‘I have written briefly to the church; but Diotrephes, who likes to take the lead among them and put himself first, does not acknowledge my authority and refuses to accept my suggestions or listen to me.’ Every organisation has at least one of these people; just make sure it’s not you. One of the most damaging sacred cows in organisations is basing employee status on seniority rather than talent. Yes, loyalty is important, but some loyal employees are loyal because of selfishness. They project loyalty to keep their jobs, retain their benefits, or hold on to their authority. Real loyalty is about innovation, original thinking and helping the company get to the next level… Every person has worth and is important but a great leader always knows the people who bring the
most value to the organisation. Those are the people to be developed, trained and cultivated. When you create an atmosphere of original thinking, you’ll have more loyalty than you’ll know what to do with.
Most companies are so ignorant of how to develop an environment of innovation that if you’ll do it, you will have people coming from every direction to work with you.’ The apostle Paul practised and taught this principle: ‘We urge you…to recognise those who labour among you…and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sakes…”
To become a creative thinker, you must value creative thinking.

MEDITATION: 1 Thess.5:12-13

LK 4:1-30; EZEK 44&45; ISAIAH 64

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