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TEXT: Luke 23:46 “Then Jesus shouted,Father, i entrust my spirit into your hands!” And with those words he breathed his last….”

Have you ever been given an important mission? Perhaps you were asked to head up a major project. Maybe you were purposed with single-handedly saving your company from the brink of disaster.Jesus had a mission. His entire 33-year earthly journey was in service of this mission.
What was the nature of His assignment? Well, you could say it was a rescue mission. Jesus, the Anointed One, was sent by God to rescue mankind from their sins by taking the ultimate punishment for our
sins upon Himself.
Through Adam and Eve’s they brought death into this world – the spiritual death. “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death’ spread to all men, because all sinned” (Rom. 5:12). Their sin became our sin, their fate became our fate, and we were powerless to save ourselves from this fate. You see, sin separates us from the holy and perfect living God. So, in order to bring us back to life, death was required. Blood needed to be spilled. Why? Lev.17:11 says, “For the life of the flesh is in the blood …for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul, and Romans 6:23 says,For the wages of sin is death.
As a temporary solution, a yearly sacrifice was made at the temple for the covering of sin but these sacrifices were not the answer, as it says in
Heb. 10:1-2 , “The law, having a shadow of the good things fo come, and not the very image of the things, can never with these same sacrifices, which they offer
continually year by year, make those who approach perfect. For then would they not have ceased to be offered?” Jesus’ death on the cross paid the debt of
sin for all mankind. Christ did what no one else could do: He lived a perfect life, free from sin, from the stain of Adam. He took all of our iniquity upon His shoulders, and conquered sin at the cross. In John
19:30, Jesus said, “Tetelestai which means, “it is finished,” the debt is paid, the punishment has been fulfilled! God’s work of redemption for fallen man was complete; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The blood of ” Lamb of God takes the sins Of the world” had been poured out on the altar of eternity. Hallelujah!

MEDITATION: Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22

Lev. 18; Ps. 22; Eccl. 1; 1 Tim. 3

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