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TEXT: Acts 27:10 “And said unto them, Sirs, I perceive that this voyage will be with hurt and much damage, not only of the lading and ship, but also of our lives….”

Literally, the word shipwreck means to destroy, damage, capsize, sink etc; especially of a ship as a result of storm or because it hits rocks. The apostle Paul was a prisoner on board a ship headed from Palestine to Rome. After the…. Sea and docked at the island of Crete, God told Paul to advise the crew not to leave the harbour because there was going to be a great storm, but they wouldn’t listen, and they ended up shipwrecked. Why? Impatience! Absolutely when one is not careful in responding to God’s signs, advice or observations when given. They had a schedule to keep (vs. 9-12). The truth is, when we allow ourselves to become impatient we often end up in a storm. Moreover, we have experienced situations of storm or seen crisis-ridden people who were impatient to get married or get a new job or do specific task the prescribed way. They didn’t take time to check things out with God, and they just sailed right into the awaiting storms’. Instead of waiting for God’s choice of a mate, loneliness can drive one into the arms of the wrong person and a lifetime of misery. What about making financial decisions without consulting God first can land you in debt that may take years to get out of. Sometimes when God says no, He doesn’t mean never. He’s simply saying, ‘Not now’. Definitely, what He actually has in store for you is worth waiting for! Here’s an important perspective to keep in mind. God does a work of preparation within you to equip you for what He has in mind for you. His Word declares, ‘He that believeth shall not make haste’ (Isa 28:16), so don’t get impatient and jump the gun. ‘Wait … for the LORD … follow his path, and he will honor you’ (Psalm 37:34). However, let us thank God for helping us to depend and reply on Him in times of storm. To avoid shipwreck we must be patient and apply God’s tools- warning signs.

Meditation: Jn. 2:5

Bible Study – Gen .25; Matthew 24; Esther 1; Acts 24

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