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TEXT: Romans 13:10 “Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law….”

In his letter to the Romans, Paul goes into great detail regarding the issue of personal freedom — greater detail than almost anywhere else in his writings. In the fourteenth chapter, for example, he sets forth four very practical guidelines that can be followed by all who are serious about releasing others in grace. Let us see what they are and more importantly spend our days following them.
1: Accepting others is basic to letting them be. The problem was not a meat problem; it was a love problem, an acceptance problem. It still is. How often we restrict our love by making it conditional: “If you will (or won’t), then I will accept you.” Paul starts there: Accept one another!” In other words, “Let’s allow each other the freedom to hold to convictions that are unlike our own….and accept them in spite of that difference. The secret lies in accepting one another.
2: Refusing to dictate to others allows the Lord freedom to direct their lives. The statement at the end of verse 5 says : “Let each man be fully convinced in his own mind. In order words,Give people room to make up their minds. Do you have a few new converts who are a part of your life and ministry? Do you want to help them grow toward maturity? Here is how: Let them grow up differently. Let them learn at their own pace, just like you had to learn, including failures and mistakes. If you really want grace to awaken, be easier on them than others were on you. Don’t make up their minds—let them! Don’t step in and push your weight around — give them plenty of space. Whatever you do, don’t control and manipulate them to get what you want. It’s a word of advice for you today.


Deut. 27 to 28:19; Ps. 119:1-24; Isaiah 54; Matthew 2

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