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TEXT: John 5:17 “But Jesus answered them, My Father
worketh hitherto, and I Work….”

Throughout the Bible, we observe God at work in people’s lives. Sometimes He acts in dramatic fashion, as in parting the Red Sea to allow the Israelites to escape the Egyptian army. At other times it may appear as if He’s not taking any action. Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus that their brother needed His help, but Christ delayed before traveling to their home (John I I :3-6). Our Father has given us the Holy Spirit to help us recognize His presence and handiwork. The Spirit cultivates spiritual discernment in us so we can understand when and where He is at work.
In addition to spiritual discernment, we must develop patience because the Lord operates according to His timetable, not ours. After being promised numerous descendants, Abraham had to wait until he and Sarah were beyond childbearing years before she conceived. Impatience can cause us to take matters into our own hands and make mistakes. The Lord’s efforts can bring delight, as was the case when Hannah bore a child (l Sam. 1:27- 2:1). His plan can also lead through painful times, which was Joseph’s experience. Before the Lord elevated him to a position Of authority to help his family, Joseph was sold into slavery and unjustly imprisoned.
Jesus told the disciples that His Father was always at work and so was He. We will be encouraged and strengthened in Our faith when we recognize the ways in which God is operating. These glimpses Of His handiwork will motivate us to stay the course and help us maintain a godly perspective on life.

MEDITATION: Psalms 138:8

Exodus 12:22; Luke 15; Job 30; I Cor. 16

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