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SATURDAY Jan. 2, 2016

TEXT: Ephesians 1:6 to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He has made us accepted in the Beloved.

There is no pain worse than rejection and no pleasure greater than acceptance, which helps to explain the length some people go to in order to avoid rejection and earn acceptance. The good news is, with God you’re already accepted. The book of Ephesians 1:6 declares this glorious inclusion of you and I today. This also is not limited to those who appear worthy because of their good deeds and a flawless moral record; it’s for every believing child of God, in every race, tribe or tongue. You are accepted by God in all your imperfections. 1)God’s acceptance does not equal His approval. He accepts sinners but he can never accept our sin because He has destroyed the power of sin. Indeed, His free gift of acceptance is our greatest motivator to renounce our sin and live to please Him (Titus 2:11, 12). 2)God’s acceptance is unconditional. He does not say, ‘You’re accepted if you clean up your act’.

In the words of Jeremiah, ‘Can a Leopard take away its spots? Neither can you start doing good, for you have always done evil (Jeremiah 13:23.) God’s acceptance has to be unconditional, because it’s impossible for us to merit it. 3)God’s acceptance is because of Jesus. You are accepted in the beloved’. The doomed mephibosheth was accepted because of David’s relationship to his beloved friend Jonathan (2 Samuel 9). As long as God accepts Jesus, and you trust in Jesus, you’re accepted as well.

MEDITATION: Titus 3:4-7


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