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TEXT:  Ruth 2:2  “And Ruth the Moabitess said unto Naomi, Let me now go to the field, and glean ears of corn after him in whose sight I shall find grace. And she said unto her, Go, my daughter….”

Prior to Ruth’s coming to Bethlehem, Ruth had a disadvantaged life. She struggled with childbirth and eventually lost her husband. On arrival at Bethlehem as a stranger, her first assignment was to go to a field and glean heads of grain. Ruth believed in the blessing expressed as a favour; she said: “….in whose sight I may find favour”. She believed in the blessing such that when she stepped out in the land where she was a stranger, she did not depend on anything else other than the blessing. The blessing which is a rearranging force rearranged Ruth’s life. The natural disadvantages associated with people from her tribe were erased, and the blessing orchestrated every event in her life. When she stepped into Boaz’s field, Boaz immediately recognized her and singled her out from the crowd. Today the blessing is on you to define the boundaries and will single you out from the crowd irrespective of the number of people vying for the same position, business or endeavor. Once the favour of God is operational, you will be singled out for honour. To experience the blessing as a rearranging force, faith in Jesus is the key. Boaz had all that was required to rearrange Ruth’s life, but Ruth needed faith to initiate and connect to the strategic relationship.  In response to her faith, the Lord stirred up Boaz as a tool to rearrange her life. That way, the story of her life was changed forever; you may call it luck, but luck does not exist in the realms of the spirit, everything is prearranged.

This day, the blessing is rearranging events, circumstances, and people to work in your favour. Daily as you step out of your house, strange occurrences of favour are mine to enjoy. Your steps are well ordered of the Lord to prepared places, people and opportunities relevant for this season of your life. God’s rearranged plan has been initiated; by reason of my faith in Jesus’ finished work. My faith in the blessing [word] is unwavering and the Lord is set to rewrite the story of my life.   Just like Ruth, your life is being rearranged to align with God’s plans for your life. In a strange land, the force of the blessing is working on your behalf.

MEDITATION: Hebrews 11:3


ACTS 8:26-40/JOSHUA 1 & 2/JOB 21



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