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TEXT:   Hebrews 11:20 “By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come….”

The blessing is one of the privileges of our covenant with God. It was given to you and me to control and rearrange the circumstances of our lives. That means, with the blessing, it is unwise to leave the affairs of your life and that of your lineage to the dictates of chance. Others may not know what the future holds, but the blessing grants you the privilege to influence your future and the future of your children and make it what you want it to become. Isaac maximized the privilege of the blessing by shaping the future of his sons with his words. That meant while other sons lived their lives based on “whatever will be, will be”, every day of Jacob and Esau’s lives aligned with the pronouncements of their father, Isaac. Likewise, while others are uncertain about what is coming next due to changes in government policies; the blessing allows you to define the boundaries of your tomorrow through your words.  You may be wondering, “How can I influence my future, am I God? God has empowered your words with the blessing, such that when you speak, you give the Holy Spirit the impetus to gather. Isaiah 34:16 says “…my mouth has commanded, and His spirit has gathered it”. Just as God honoured the words of Isaac concerning his sons, the words of your mouth will bring about the desired result.

You enter into the future either with anxiety or preparation. Anxiety births uncertainties, but when you prepare the future with your words, the outcome is guaranteed. Interestingly, you cannot change your past, but you can rewrite the experiences of your tomorrow. You can influence the quality of life of your lineage by speaking the blessing over your children.  Each day of your life has a womb, it births whatever is sown into it. So, if the result you derive from your day is unpleasant it is because you have not sown what you want it to deliver. Begin your day by creating an expectation in your heart and declare the outcome instantly. Declare fruitfulness and profitable results over your day and decree that throughout this day, your hands will not suffer loss, rather your day will end on a high note of accomplishment in Jesus.

MEDITATION: Genesis 27:28-29


 ACTS 8:1-25/DEUT 33 & 34/JOB 20



Godhead Interdenominational Ministry

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