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TEXT:  2 Kings 4:8 “And it fell on a day, that Elisha passed to Shunem, where was a  great woman; and she constrained him to eat bread. And so it was,  that as oft as he passed by,  he turned in thither to eat bread….”

The Bible refers to this woman as ‘a great woman’. That’s because she had a ‘great’ strategy for her life! She committed to serving God. (2 chron 15:12) She prepared a bedroom in her house for Elisha the prophet to use when he passed through town. As a result, she got her heart’s desire: a baby boy. And later when her son died suddenly, God used Elisha to raise him from the dead. Notice three things in this woman’s story:

1) She made room for God.

2) Her dream came to pass.

3) When her dream died, God brought it back to life (see vv. 36-37). When her son died, the neighbors probably told her, ‘It’s over. Go ahead and bury him.’ But she refused to accept the opinions of unbelieving people or discuss her situation with those who were unqualified to help. Be careful who you open up to in a crisis! Make sure they know God, and that their words line up with His.

This woman believed that if God started it, He could finish it. If He made it, He could fix it. The Bible tells us Elisha stretched out his body on top of the dead boy, and he got warm. But this boy needed more than warmth – he needed life. So Elisha stretched out on top of him again, and he became fully alive. There’s a lesson here for us. No matter how bad things look, stay on top of the situation by believing God. Walk the floor and pray all night if you have to, but keep standing on His Word. His Word works settle down with the settled Word of God. Your dream may not yet be fully alive, but it’s getting warm. Things are improving…God is moving…the answer’s on the way! Stay in love with Christ and settle down in the house of God. You may not be where you want to be, but you are certainly not where you used to be.

MEDITATION:  Rom 8:28, 2 Chro. 15:1-end


ACTS 22:30-23:1-22/JDGS 18 & 19/PS 44



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