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tested positive for COVID-19…in bed for 8 days not moving

tested positive for bed for 8 days not moving

Peace of the Lord Bishop. How are you and the family doing?  Bishop I have a mighty testimony. My husband Garry Nelson tested positive for COVID-19. My husband was in bed for 8 days not moving. On the eighth day my spirit asked me to contact, the Apostle, pastor Jemimma and Pastor Philip. I asked for prayer on the national prayer line without telling them the depth of the situation. However Bishop I was not moved and I was not shaken because I had no doubts that Jesus is in control. My husband had high fever, dizziness, hallucination, outer body experience, he was weak, knocking into the wall, falling in the shower and he was afraid of falling asleep because of nightmares and the feeling of dying. Garry was asking me to take him to the hospital. He was insisting I take him to a hospital, or somewhere. That instant something came in my spirit so strong and loud and said don’t you dare bring him near a hospital. That moment Bishop I knew Jesus got this and I acted like I’m making move to take him to the hospital but I said we must call first. No hospital was answering their phone. I call our private doctor and left a message. The doctor call back around 11 o’clock in the night and scheduled a visit. We waited in the car for two hours before he saw us. There was a vision that Garry Nelson was in trouble with the law enforcement, where he was arrested by two police officers, he was dress in red and the officers put him in the police car and drove him away from the house. That vision came when Garry started to feel a little better. That vision change his countenance and I became angry. I said to my husband listen to me, the Bible say before you can rob a strong man home you must bind the the strong man and I’m not bind. The Bible also say a man who find a wife he find a good thing and he obtains favor from God. I continued to say Garry you find me, therefore I am a good thing and you have favor with God. Last not least God will not bypass me and tell someone else’s what’s going on in my house. My God doesn’t operate that way. I said let me tell you what the dream mean. Yes you were in trouble but God rescued you. The two officers are your angels and the red is the blood of Jesus. Jesus went and rescued you from the pit of Hell. I said everything will be okay. Don’t worry about a thing. Glory be to God, my husband is well, I’m well and the children are well. None of us was infected with the virus.


Bishop this testimony have so many components. I really don’t know where to begin Bishop.

Before the lockdown in NYC, I went to see client at their home. I shake her hand and sat in her home. But the way she was walking and talking if I blow air on her she would literally fall. Two weeks later Bishop she passed away. She was found dead in her bed. My God, my God Bishop? I’m still standing strong by the grace of God. A week after my client died, my husband became ill. The devil tried but my house won the battle. All the glory belongs to God.


I and my children, Angelina and Dimitri have no symptoms.



Slfbc New York City. USA.

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