Sons as used in scriptures represent both males and females (mankind). Who therefore is a son? A son is one carried in the womb of the mother. A son is one begotten by the father. Sons are those who came forth from their father’s loins.

By creation, we are all God’s creations but not all His children. God is the creator of all but not the Father of all. It is through spiritual birth we become the children of God, it is at this point of birth we come to sonship. Sonship Conference therefore, is a place where God give birth to sons. Sonship is a place where expectations mature to manifestations. It’s a place to experience the supernatural manifestation of the Power of God. Sonship is a place of countless numbers of signs, wonders and miracles (this includes instant healing of sickness, diseases & breaking free from every addiction).

More so, we have many children of God who don’t yet know their Father; hence they don’t have a relationship with God. Sonship is a place where relationship and fellowship with God the Father is birthed; it’s a place where sons come to learn how to grow in their personal relationship with their Heavenly Father because as every true father desires to talk with their children and wants their children to know and understand them personally, so the Heavenly Father desires His sons to know Him personally and also to come to an awareness of His plans and purposes for them on the earth. Sons will not be able to know the Father personally and develop relationship with Him if they don’t know and understand His Nature – the Nature of God the Father is Love. It is upon this premise SONSHIP CONFERENCE 2020 is built. For this very reason, it was christened “ABBA FATHER (Unveiling the True Nature of the Father)”.

In this year’s program, God desires to reveal Himself to His Children not just as Father but as the Loving Father. It’s a time where He desires to uncover His Nature to everyone that will be present in order to enable all Youth of Excellence and all those that will be present to build a personal relationship with Him, not as a Master and Servant but as Father and Son