This ministry through THE GRACE of God is focused on collating and informing the church about relevant up to date information within and outside the church. Informations that will be beneficial to the members of the church like Circulars, announcements, upcoming events, programs, bulletins etc.


  • To ensure timely information is sent out to members.
  • To ensure that information from Slfbc headquarter is followed up and implemented on a timely manner.
  • To also cross check program dates with other Slfbc ministries so they won’t be overlap of programs between ministries.
  • To be readily available with the calendar dates of programs from the headquarters like mid and end of year thanksgiving dates, and other national program dates. So as to avoid clashes with local church program dates.
  • To make use of all available platforms to send out timely information like email, texts, social media etc

That we will always be a well informed church

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