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TEXT: 1Cor 13 :6 “does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth….”

First , to rejoice means to express great happiness about something. And very importantly the term SIN literally also means an offence against God or rather a religious or moral law. Paul went on to say: Love does not rejoice in iniquity (v 6a).
One cannot love God and rejoice in evil such as wrongdoing or iniquity because evil opposes all that God is. Yet our fallen nature does precisely that. By nature we are at enmity with God and join in the satanic assault on His reign over us. Sin itself involves a love for and pleasure in evil. Sadly, we often seek our joy in sin. Here is Apostle Paul’s summary in his letter to the Romans: (1:28-32)

This list of vices includes not only those crimes committed by hardened criminals but also those acts common to fallen humanity. The depth of human depravity is seen in two ways. First, we do these things knowing that God so despises them that He declares them worthy of death because the laws of the land would give justice, fairness and equity. Second, and far worse, we approve of those who practice them in many areas such as in our workplace, communities, homes, schools, markets, government parastaltals and agencies, even our religious platforms are not left out; the list is endless.
If misery loves company, even more so does sin. By persuading others to participate in our sins, we make a statement that the sin is not really evil because others are doing it as well. This describes the present day culture, wherein practitioners of monstrous crimes and acts not only seek permission but also demand that others approve of their deeds. This is not mere sinfulness; it is militant sinfulness that rejoices in evil.

Furthermore, those who intentionally practice these gross evils are enraged if anyone tries to rain disapproval on their parade. They protest that repentant and true Christians and patriots who oppose these vices are “unloving”. However, God declares that rejoicing in these acts is what is opposed to true love. On the other hand, true love rejoices in the practice of righteousness. This joy is not the smug elation of prideful accomplishment but the joy of seeing the grace and holiness of God honored in our society and the world at large.That is, love in conduct; always eager to believe the best, hopeful and enduring
Again it is important to note that taking pleasure and joy in sin is natural to our fallen humanity and that conversion does not instantly eradicate that inclination .Some believers can also fall into the trap of seeking comrades to join them in their vices so that the voice of conscience may be muffled. That is not the will of God; in another breath they do openly practice wickedness.
Love rejoices when righteousness triumphs. It does not cheer when the villain wins. There are no antiheroes where love prevails. Please kindly digest some of the blessings of practicing righteousness( makes stable govt (Pr 16:12), delivers from trouble( Pr 11:6),gives peace and quietness(Isa 32:17),gives healing(Mal 4:2) delivers from death(Pr 10:2) and it gives life(Pr 11:19; 12:28).

MEDITATION: Prov 14;34, Ps 45:7

JAS 3; JER 25&26; PS 131


Godhead Interdenominational Ministry

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