This ministry through THE GRACE of God is focused on expressing the Love of Jesus to those members of the church who are in anyway affected in this areas of need. And also reaching out to those outside the church walls in hospitals, prisons and orphanages. No one is left behind.


  • To minister the healing power of Jesus to patients in hospitals
  • To stand in faith and be a source of encouragement to those who have been sick for long periods of time.
  • To encourage those in prison that Gods power to redeem, restore and reconcile is always available.
  • To provide an atmosphere of “No guilt and condemnation in Jesus” but acceptance and God’s love.
  • To organize programs of compassion for the children, feed them, clothe them, give gifts to them and introduce Jesus to them.

That every patient, prisoner, or orphan who comes in contact with this ministry will indeed have an encounter with the Love of Jesus so much that they are free in health, mindset and their self esteem.

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