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God’s healing power

God's healing power

I want to testify of God's healing power. He is the God of yesterday, today and forever. He has done it again in the life of my daughter Favour.
She had one of the bone of her middle finger pushing out and was with so much pains. It was very obvious because it was swollen and pains keep increasing, we have to take her to hospital and was booked for surgery in May 2020 because school was still in section.
The testimony is that God went ahead of the Devil by doing the surgery by himself. After our mother in Lord, Apostle Deborah prayed for her during Godhead Children combined fellowship on the 7th of March, two week after, the finger that was swollen just melt and pains gone. It can only be God.
I give Him all the glory because it was really a big concern.
Glory be to God. Sis B.O
Slfbc Abuja Katampe

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