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Early last month…

Early last month...

Peace of the lord Bishop. Hallelujah, the devil has lost it again in my life and my family. Early last month i started feeling some pains in my chest down to my whole body gradually it was unbearable that i became scared. Then Satan comes and starts giving so many thoughts i had to call Pastor Yeldah to pray for me after then it stop but devil keep remembering me of how people are dying of this pandemic.  I stop watching news and Facebook i went to the hospital which they did test and said there was nothing wrong with me. The doctor gave me antibiotics that i should go and do X-RAY on that day. I was not having enough money with me so i came home i and my wife continue to pray but the pain came again this time was very serious. Before then i found out that the first antibiotics they gave me was very strong that whenever i take it, it triggers the pain more then i stopped it and went for the X-ray they said there was nothing on my chest i then told the doctor about the antibiotics he told me to stop it and gave me another. Brethren the devil kept telling himself that it's the end i keep rejecting it. Behold now I'm strong and okay to the glory of God and also in the area of finance God has been awesome in this time of lockdown.. Double for my Trouble from the mouth of God's servant...Glory be to God

Min J. I

Slfbc, Kado family Abuja.

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