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diagnosed with COVID-19

diagnosed with COVID-19

Peace of the Lord Bishop..

My dad was diagnosed with COVID-19 late March and admitted to one of the hospitals in Atlanta Georgia. The doctors put him on the ventilator and was administering different medications, but his situation worsened over time that we had to keep declaring God’s covenant of exemption over his life that he will not die. During this time, my wife kept having dreams that the devil was out to take his life.

Three weeks later, the doctor called and said his heart stopped... he had died but they were able to resuscitate him, but at this point, he was now 85% - 95% dependent on the ventilator.

Mummy (Apostle) called and prayed with me about my dad's condition. Pastor Jemima mobilized the Jacksonville family of SLFBC and Godhead members to take authority and cast out every spirit of death and infirmity in his life..

And on another occasion, we were praying and pastor Jemima saw a vision of a doctor wrapping him up that he was dead but another man came and took a pair of scissors to cut off the wrap. At that point, we were encouraged and knew we had the victory.  God also spoke to her that the doctors were going to call to give us a negative feedback but at no point should we listen to their advice.

The very next day, the doctor called and had a meeting with my family and with so much anger in his voice, he forcefully told us to agree that they should take him off the ventilator and let him die..  And that it is NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE for him to live because he had only 10% of his lungs working and a bag was found in his lungs as well.

The devil wanted to attack us with fear but Apostle called and prayed a prayer of agreement with us. Mummy assured us that God had gone ahead of my dad to heal him.

God also showed pastor Jemima and my wife that he is RESURRECTED

The very next day, God switched the medical team. A different doctor took charge and started adjusting all what the other doctor did wrong. God had also revealed it to pastor Jemima that they medically did so many things wrong.

His dependency on the ventilator suddenly dropped to 40% as against 85-95%, the thing that formed a bag in his lungs is melting off and coming out through his mouth, his blood pressure became stabilized, the doctor took him off the sedative drug that put him in coma and daily his report has been from glory to glory.. I just cannot thank God enough.

I want to say a big thank you to our Apostle, in spite of her busy schedules made out time to pray for my dad. Also, pastor Jemima, Pastor Phillip and members of SLFBC and Godhead prayer ministry in Jacksonville for all their prayers and strong support.

I also want to say a big thank you to our Bishop for God using him to give us "The declaration of God's protection" way ahead of time and all the timely messages we've been receiving on Patience in the midst of crisis... Indeed the word of God works.

Pst O. O



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