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TEXT: 1 Corinthians 2:5 “That your faith should not stand in the
wisdom of men, but in the power of God…”

One of the greatest breakthroughs in modern psychology is the Law of Reversibility. It works like this: when you feel a certain way, you act accordingly. When you don’t feel like doing something, but you do it anyway, that same dynamic creates the feeling consistent with your actions. A theologian put it like this: ‘You can live opposite of what you profess, but you can’t live opposite of what you believe. Invariably what you believe is revealed by what you do.’ Because fear is a learned response, it can be unlearned.
There are two kinds of courage. The first kind calls for action. ‘Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in. One man with courage makes a majority.’ The second kind calls for patience: the tenacity to keep persevering after you’ve done your best and before you’ve seen results. Often the difference between a hero and a coward is that a hero hangs in there five minutes longer! When you run from intimidating situations, fear multiplies until eventually it controls your life but when you tackle your problems head-on, ‘not in human wisdom but in the power of God’, your confidence rises until you reach a point where you’re no longer controlled by fear. The song writer wrote: ‘God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform. He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm. Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take; the clouds ye so much dread, are big with mercy and shall break in blessings on your head.’
MEDITATION: Psalm 138:8
II COR 9; 2 KGS 22-23:35; NAHUM 3
Godhead Interdenominational Ministry

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