This ministry through THE GRACE of God involves kids below the teenage age. A ministry where children are introduced to the person of Jesus and His love for them. So that they grow up in the knowledge and understanding of who they are in Jesus and what he has done for them from an early age.


  • To create a loving and safe environment for the children at all times.
  • To teach them to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • To teach Jesus by Word, music, drama, dance etc.
  • To ensure parents that their children are receiving the best when they come to church service.
  • To have well qualified and loving instructors over the children’s ministry.
  • To make sure children instructors are always available for the children during a church service.
  • To periodically organize children programs outside the church for other children.


That every child who is part of SLFBC children’s ministry will experience a genuine relationship with Jesus and the parents will see the fruits in their children’s lives.

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