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Behold there were two cheques

Behold there were two cheques

My beloved Bishop, God is so good. My dust bin trash was full on envelopes and paper. It had piled up for a while. So I decided to do some decluttering. In my cleaning I saw something that put a smile on my Face big surprise. The funny thing is, I was about to throw the trash out yesterday without second thought. My Bishop I just had this witness to look carefully inside my trash which was strange because it's been there for a while and I didn't expect anything significant in the trash other than old mails and used papers.

Behold there were two cheques for $161.00 and $2542.50 . The $161.00 is ready for deposit this morning. The $2542.50 is an over payment towards my health insurance refunded un-utilized for 2019. Bishop this is amazing. Your messages has affected my household. Abundance, faith, fearless into the deep amidst the pandemic. God is real and I am a testimony. Please share this with my brethren. Hallelujah!!!



SLFBC Boston. USA.

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